Selections from a Contemporary Indigenous Artist


Introducing Bruce Bradfield:

Public art presentation in Geraldton – Western Australia 2012

Art gives Bruce Bradfield the opportunity to share his love of natural colours in our Australian landscape, with those of you he wouldn’t normally come across in his everyday life. Bruce wants to share a visual ‘yarn’ with you, where his prints and other artworks tell stories of seemingly mundane objects, often found throughout the Mid West and wider outback of regional Western Australia.

Farming, Stations, Fishing and the Resource Industry brought ‘man-made’ structures and straight lines into the natural West Australian countryside, thus changing our landscapes forever. Nature though, has it’s own way of claiming back these things made by modern ‘mankind’, and when it does so – a new world of colours seem to come to life.

Bruce Bradfield welcomes you to his website. He encourages you to have a ‘wander around’ – get a feel for the place so to speak – and make yourself comfy. Bruce firmly believes that Art is here for ALL of us to appreciate, not just the select few. Please check in on his Latest News page above, as odd things happen to artists – sometimes they get lucky!

Thanks for stopping by, make sure you enjoy yourself, and if you do – please leave him a comment below.